Christmas is coming…

We’ve had a great 2016, but it’s not ended yet! We are already looking forward to what 2017 will bring us! With bookings, already being taken and the diary getting full, the team haven’t stopped – not to worry though as there is still plenty of availability left. Our Christmas vouchers have taken off well. I often think of things to get for my loved ones this time of year for Christmas, and it’s just so difficult, do I get them a jumper, a shirt? After all they are only going to forget what I have given in a few months’ time. That’s why a Yorkshire Outdoors gift voucher would be perfect, it’s one of them things that for years to come around the table you’ll be hearing ‘Do you remember when we did the Landrover driving’ and you are going to get that sense of overwhelming, which Is truly amazing. It leaves a lasting memory that will certainly bring joy to anyone. Every time a customer comes back into reception after their experience we are just so lucky to see the smiles, giggles and amazing feedback, it makes the job all that more satisfying.

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We are closed.

We are currently closed with the new national lockdown and will be re-opening when it is lifted. We can still do 4x4 driver training if necessary, but in the spirit of things, we think it would be best to wait until we are fully reopen so we can do our best to beat the Covid-19 virus.

We are still taking bookings for March onwards, but will be limited slots so book them while they are available.

For any questions or enquirers please call Ben on 07779537766 or email

We look forward to having some Off road fun with you at some point and wish you health and happiness in the meantime.