It’s March 2016, Already?

How time is quite literally, flying by, here at Yorkshire Outdoors. I can quite believe we’re nearly at the end of March 2016. We’ve been so busy, both here in the office, out on the road, and with our fantastic team of instructors out on the courses.

It’s perhaps true what they say… time flies when you’re having fun – And that is certainly something we love to do here! As you’ll know from my previous blog we’re in our 25th Year of business, and Richard, our MD just does not know where the time has gone – in fact he can still remember to this day, the very first customer that he took out in a Landrover Defender way back in December, the 28th 1991, the weather was certainly rough with the snow on the hills above Wenselydale – never the less, it didn’t put him off – he’s still as passionate about what we do now as the day he started.

We want our customers to have the exclusive experience that they truly deserve. Our adventures are like no other, and everyday over the past 25 years, we have continuously put work into our courses, to make sure they are like no other, and are as challenging and extreme as ever.

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We are closed.

We are currently closed with the new national lockdown and will be re-opening when it is lifted. We can still do 4x4 driver training if necessary, but in the spirit of things, we think it would be best to wait until we are fully reopen so we can do our best to beat the Covid-19 virus.

We are still taking bookings for March onwards, but will be limited slots so book them while they are available.

For any questions or enquirers please call Ben on 07779537766 or email

We look forward to having some Off road fun with you at some point and wish you health and happiness in the meantime.