A 4 x 4 off road experience to make your dreams come true

Every now and then you get a little taster of something that really excites your appetite. More often than not these days the tasters come in the form of television shows or, increasingly, from video clips shared on the internet.

There’s nothing wrong with having your appetite aroused and wanting more. The problem comes in when you can’t get it. If what’s got you exited is the rush and the buzz of all terrain driving, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

With one of our 4 x 4 off road experience what we do is make your dreams come true. We know you’ve seen footage of Land Rovers and Jeeps take on seemingly unconquerable terrains and come out on top and have said “I can do that, I want to do that”. The reason we know this is because that feeling is exactly what inspired us to set up our business.

Our 50 acre adventure course is set up to give you the chance to take your taste for adventure, channel it into adrenalin and satisfy your hunger with the reward of accomplishment.

If you’re passionate about driving – or are looking for the perfect gift for that car crazy character in your life – then what we have is for you. Whether this is the first time you’ve tried to test yourself off-road or you’re looking to push your skills to the next level our courses were created to let you perform.

And perform is what you do. With us you’re not along for the ride – you’re the driver. We put a world class off road driver in the vehicle with you, but make no mistake, it’s you who will be at the wheel. You want the full off-road experience and with us you’ll get it.

It’s really great to watch people having fun going off-road driving in television shows and video clips. Trust us – it’s even greater to feel the thrill of doing it yourself.

You can find out more about what we have to offer on our website, or by giving us a call. We want to hear what you want to get from an off-road experience. Whatever it is, we can crate it for you.

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