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About Us

Yorkshire Outdoors was established by Richard Fawcett, just over 25 years ago, we’ve got a passion for the place in which we live and work in, and the things we do show this tremendously well. Everything we offer is about quality, and offering a truly unique experience where customer satisfaction is absolutely paramount to us.

As one of the foremost adventure experience providers in the UK, Yorkshire Outdoors is the perfect choice for your adventure. We offer our exceptional course which is set in 50 acres for you to challenge yourself in a 4×4 Land Rover for the ultimate experience. With the expert guidance of one of our trained team, get ready to have the time of your life! Whatever your experience level with our 1-1 tuition we’ll be here every step of the way.


Meet the Team

Our 4x4 & Outdoors Experience Professionals

Richard Fawcett
Managing Director
Richard is a force to be reckoned with! Passionate and highly experienced, with many years spent driving across magnificent Australian sand dunes, Richard is a proud holder of the coveted Land Rover Instructor Certificate 1991 and is also a 4x4 Competition Winner.

Richard says ``I look forward to providing for you with the finest Adventure Experiences.``

Nikki Robinson
Business Manager
Our Business Manager Nikki has been with us for 7 years now, and she is a leading authority on all things adventure! Nikki will be delighted to help you with any of your enquiries, answering any questions you may have about our invigorating adventure days and activities.
Gordon Wilkinson
4x4 Off-Road Instructor
Gordon first visited us as a customer around 23 years ago and returned time and time again until he became so experienced that we just had to offer him a job! In losing our best customer we gained a truly fantastic instructor who is loved by all, never failing to raise a smile from his clients.

``Excellent! Gordon was a first class instructor. We've never had so much fun at 2mph!``
- Ron, Alex and Ben Whisker.

Brian Kidd
4x4 Off-Road & CPSA Clay Shooting Instructor
Brian joined the Yorkshire Outdoors team having years of experience in off road driving and clay pigeon shooting, his unique approach to everything he offers is quite like no other, specifically his off road driving, where he brings a certain new twist to it! All Brian's customers compliment him in our visitors book 'we don't know how much he's paying them!' If you're fortunate enough to have Brian - enjoy!
Russ Dickinson
4x4 Off-Road & CPSA Clay Shooting Instructor
Russ has a life-long interest in shooting sports, and is a highly qualified instructor with a Masters Degree in Training and Evaluation. He has been working with firearms from an early age and was a gold medalist at the world-renowned Bisley Shooting Ground.

Russ has also been a Land Rover enthusiast all his life, and is able to give you a unique session designed to develop your confidence, knowledge and driving ability.

Geoff Watkins
Still going strong at over 80 years of age, Geoff's story is truly remarkable and an inspiration to us all. You can read all about Geoff by clicking the link below - it's well worth a read!
Read Geoff's Story...click here
We're currently on the look out for a skilled mechanic. Interested? Drop us an email to sales@yorkshire-outdoors.co.uk or call 01845 537766.
Georgina Smith
Sales & Marketing Apprentice
Georgina has recently joined the team, and will work alongside the team in the office at Yorkshire Outdoors HQ. She'll help to ensure we're on top of the game with our companies advertising and online social presence.
Allan Rose
4x4 Off Road Instructor
Chris Axleby
4x4 Off Road Instructor